power group analysis

comparing and analysis

Harrison compared to matched

In my story, Matched by Ally Condie, society makes all the choices, but when Cassia Reyes wants to make her choices society has a problem, she can't do anything that she wants to do herself because societies officials are taking over her life. In the Harrison Bergeron story their society chooses wheather one can be different from anther and the society says that no one can be different everyone has to be the same. No one changes.

Harrison Bergeron

In Harrison the main idea is that no buddy can be better them any buddy else's because one mans weakness is another mans strength. Aldyn is excellent at gymnastics but tony my be horrible at it, and Tony maybe amazing at video games and Aldyn can be horrible at video games so what Tony is bad at Aldyn is good at, and what Aldyn is bad at Tony can be excellent at.

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