Paris, France. City of romance and jewels, Eiffel Tower, beautiful art, interesting history, and marvelous people. Better pack your bags, you got a plane to catch!

Bon Appetit!

Get ready to sink your teeth into some famous French gourmet foods! French meals are not just produced in France, it's all over the world. French chow and wines are produced and consumed almost every day in almost every country. Black Truffles! Foie Gras! The two most popular eatables in France. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champane are only a few of the wines the France offers. Camembert, Chévre, and Roguefort are the top three favored cheese made from goats milk. Well, hope you enjoy your meal! Eat up!

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City of Jewels

Go on an adventure and learn about the past of the city of jewels. Paris was founded more than 2,000 years ago. If you love school, you'll love this. From the 15th to the 17th century, the long-established University of Paris, was home of scholastic philoshy. This beautiful beautiful city basks in rich cultural heritage, continuing to attract leading exponets of literature, art, dance, theater, and opera. Amen! Constantine 1st made christianity the official religion of the empire in 313. Was your adventure adventurous! Start another one the next day and the next!

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Tour de Paris!

Never been to the Eiffel Tower? Well now is your chance to take the best tour of your life! Love to paint? Well, make sure you visit the Musee d'Orsay, wit paints by the french impressionists. Thousands of tourist love Paris for its nightlife, restaurants, and the sidewalk cafe's. Tourists from all over the globe flock to the Notre Dame, a huge church more than 700 years old! Now, for the main jewel of the city, the Eiffel Tower! Offering superb views that extend up to 45 miles! Had fun? Come back another time and take as much tours as you want! You're always welcome back.

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The Sights of Paris

Go on a marvelous journey through Paris and take a look at the spectacular landmarks! Attention! The Champ de Mars is a beautiful park, that was once a military training ground. The Arch de Triomphe is where Napolean ordered its construction to honor is army and its victors. Here he Here he! One of the largest palaces in Paris is the Lovvre Palace, extending half a mile along the Seine river, which runs through Pari and cuts in half. The most popular landmark in Paris, the Effel Tower. The tower was built in about 2 years and was finished in March, 1889 as part of a temporary Universal Exhibition, celebrating the French Revolution. Don't forget to snap some pics of these landmarks on your thrilling journey!

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Speak Now

When in Paris do you hear only French? Almost all the time!. French is the only language the people speak. Unless of course you are a tourists. In matters of language, France has exported at least as much as it has imported. No wonder so many people world wide lov to speak french. Don't be surprised if you visit Belgium or Canada and you hear french being spoken. It's the official language in 7 other countries! Romance.....What? That's right, people all over France say their language is the romance language. Be sure to teach you family French, they'll love it!

Take A Walk

Make sure to pack your raincoat and jacket! Ranging from high rugged mountains to low-lying sandy coastal plains. In lower elevation areas, almost all precipitation falls in the form of rain. Hope you stay dry! BURRRRR! Don't forget your jacket. When in the mountains snowfall is very common. Not all the time is the weather bad. Wanna got the beach? Coastal areas experience very dry summers. Don't forget some sunscreen! Stop by a souvenir shop and grab something you like. A seashell maybe?

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