Module 7

Keep it Safe

I only use email address that I have just set up for class on the Ipads that students have access to. I also have my personal Ipad password protected


I did not know that I could rename my Ipad in the settings section. This is useful to make sure that the name of my personal Ipad is different than the ones we use in my classroom. I did not realize what the purpose of Background App Refresh. I will turn this off to preserve battery.


I will use a handstrap because I am one of those people who wander around while teaching this will keep my Ipad safe from me.

I also use reflector in my classroom. This allows me to show the students exactly what the Ipad looks like when we are using new apps or working on a new project.

I like my keyboard but I can never remember to charge it so it is not a tool I use all the time. But when it is charged the students type much faster with a keyboard instead of the screen keyboard.

Handy Tip

I don't know if this is exactly a tip but I want to tell my peers to not be afraid to experiment in the classroom with the Ipads. My student know that almost everything we do with the Ipad is something I have never tried and they are very understanding and well behaved when things don't work. The students are mostly familiar with technology and the challenges it presents at times by not working the way you want it too.