Johnson's Journal

Jottings from end of Aril and beginning of May

iPad Pre-check in

On Monday, May 4th, our class will need to have their iPads and iPad chargers brought to school. The technology team is beginning the first phase of the process of turning back in iPads that will take place later this month. Please be sure your child has their iPad, case in tack, and also their cord with them when they come to school Monday.

Living Wax Museum

Over the past two weeks, your student will be reading a biography on a historical figure and completing three projects to showcase what they have learned. I have changed how we will present these projects they have worked so hard on.

On Wednesday, May 20th at 1:30 pm, students in Mrs. Swenson’s class, Ms. Sorenson’s class, and our classroom will be showcasing their work in our Living Wax Museum (located in the gym). We would like to invite you to come and learn about our biography subjects. The students have worked very hard on these projects and are excited to present their work. We hope you will join us!

Coming soon...

Fourth grade field trip to the MN Children's Theatre: Thursday, May 14th