Virtual Resume

By: Jasneet Grewal

Smart Goal #1 Academic

S- Get a 85% average by the end of grade 12.

M- I have 2 years to achieve my goal and get my 85% average by the end of high school. I will study really hard during grade 10 so by the time I get to grade 11 and 12 I will be use to my working habits and it will be easy for me to study and do my work in grade 12.

A- This goal is achievable because I have a lot of time to work on my academic work I have 2 years. For grade 10 I want a 80% average so if I get that then it will be a lot easier to go up 5% by the time I get to finish high school.

R- My goal is realistic because last semester I got a 73% average and if I go up around 5% each year leading up to grade 12 I will be at a 85% average. If I go up 5% by the end of grade 10 that will get me to a 78% in grade 11 if I go up 5% I will be at a 83% average, by the end of of grade 12 if I go up 5% my average will be 88% which is higher than my goal.

T- I have around 2 years to achieve my goal I think this is more than enough time if I focus on my grade 10 and 11 work, and if I complete all my homework and in class assignments and do good on my progress report card and midterms.

Smart Goal #2 Volunteer

S- I would like to get 100 hours of volunteer done by the end of high school.

M- I have until June 2018 to finish my volunteer hours, if I start during march break I can get around 40 hours done and this summer I can get another 40 hours done that's 80 hours. In grade 11 summer or winter break I can get my other 20 hours done so I can just focus on my academics in grade 12.

A- This goal is achievable because I spaced out my hours so its not all at once and it'll be done before grade 12. If I start soon then I can I even have grade 11 off as well and focus on my school work for the last two years of high school.

R- My goal is realistic because I have more than enough time to get my 100 hours done. I can volunteer at the hospital and get to know the job more and see how the environment is because I am thinking about becoming a nurse when I get older.

T- I have half of grade 10 and all of grade 11 to get my volunteer hours done. If I manage my time properly I will be able to get my hours done, if I run out of time I can still do a few hours during grade 12 winter break and march break.

Future Resume

Jasneet Grewal

41 Dovesong DR bRampton ON | | 6476089978


I am seeking a position in a company where my health care skills will be noticed and improved as I work around people with the same skills.

Skills & Abilities

Ability to problem solve - I can problem solve really well even under pressure

I can find another way to do something if the first option cannot be done.

I work well with the people around me, I make sure everyone gets a chance to make their opinion heard.

Experience and volunteer





Answering Calls at the Hospital

Brampton , ON

August 2015


University of Toronto

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Toronto, ON

September 2018 - June 2022

achievements and Certifications

Student of the month in Biology (Science) 2017

First Aid and CPR – March 2014


I like helping out at charities

When I’m free I go and help out at Tall Pines Old Age Home

I volunteer and the Hospital


Manager at last job, 6478525458,