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Srptember 18, 2016

GIN System

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PRESIDENT Jen Mandelblatt jpm367

Hi Everyone!

Here are some forms that need filling out:

Diversity Dinner tomorrow at 5:30 aKDphi. Sign up by noon tomorrow:

Sign up to lead a dinner or bring food that's representative of your culture:

PC '16 meeting availability fill out by Monday at 11:59 pm:

VPME Ruby Bafu


Bid Day is Sunday, September 25th from 5-7 PM!!!! You are required to attend at least 1 New Member event other than bid day so be sure to make it an event and hang with the newbies!

If you want a little this semester, fill out a Potential Bigs Form:

Rubez <3

VP MEMBERSHIP Maple Chen mc2225

RT workshop on sept 25 after chapter in the dining room at the house. this is MANDATORY for all members of PC16 - please email me (mc2225) an excuse before then if you cannot attend!

i've sent in our bid list to panhellenic - don't tell your friends yet, but we will soon have new membs!!!!! these women are absolutely amazing and i can't wait for you all to meet them.

submit names here for spring recruitment!

submit songs you like for rush!

spirit week begins on jan 14 and FMR starts on jan 19!

talk recruitment to me,


VP Operations Grace Winant gaw85

Hey everyone!

Next week the council application will go out and you will have until October 11th at 11:59 PM to submit it. If you have any questions about being on council or the different positions you can ask me or any other council members.

Everyone also needs to fill out the chapter excellence survey by elections (October 23rd). You can use this link

and if you fill it out BEFORE next Sunday's chapter and text me (my number is 914-708-9662) a pic of you and your computer screen that says the thank you message/submitted message after you fill out the survey I will give you some small token to show my appreciation (TBD on what it will be).

Thanks Friends!!!!!

VP CS Miranda Deane mmd264

EVERYONE must send me at lease 5 email addresses (of parents, neighbors, family, friends etc) by next Sunday!

PC 16 and anyone who wants to be a captain, pref here what sister(s) you want to work with and what groups on campus you know! This is due by next Sunday as well, it's first come first serve!

Shamrock update (if you missed chapter/weren't listening to me/want to hear it again!)

Next week (9/25) 5 addresses are due (see above), also captain form is due. We will start "shaming" people and that will continue till shamrock. Look up "flamingoing" on urban dictionary if your curious. Shirt orders will come out soon, most likely due Sunday (9/25). Then Oct 2nd is SHAM PREP DAY! we will be getting ready for the big day, taking pics, etc. Oct 3rd- start getting an Irish Coffee at CTB and some proceeds will be donated to PCAA. Oct 12-14 Sham week- all "week" we will be on Ho Plaza with a bake sale and photo campaign. Oct 12- Chillis and Insomnia fundraisers, 13th- chipotle, 14th- sisterhood progressive dinner! Oct 15th- THE BIG SHAM!!! 1-4 pm at llenroc bubble soccer tournament :)

hmu with any qs

peace, love, the big sham


VP PR Imani Sanders ias32

My lunch in letters - Wednesday @ Trill 1:15-2:15

We will be having our IWFM event this Friday on Ho Plaza from 11-3! Basically, we will be offering up beverages with decorative coffee sleeves. People can write nice things on them and bring a drink to their friends, leave it for someone else to take, or just take one themselves. I included a pic so you guys can get the full idea of what the table will look like. Sign up for a shift here:

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VP Standards Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi everyone!

If you want to volunteer to be a sober monitor for date night, please email/text/Facebook message me and let me know! We need volunteers for Plum Tree (we already have 4 sober monitors for Miyake) so if no one volunteers, I will be picking from the sober pool from the people who are currently signed up for Plum Tree.

If you want to see if you're still in the pool and who's sobering this weekend, I made a google doc! If your name is highlighted in green, then you're out of the pool. If you've already sobered and your name is not highlighted in green, please let me know and I'll fix it!




Hey Ladies!

Unfortunately, I have a crazy week so I will not be able to tally everybody's points by tonight (I still love you all), so you will see it in the near future!

If you send me a photo for ANY reason, make sure you also appeal the points on GIN! Don't forget to appeal for SUPPORT A SISTER too! Try to do it within a reasonable timeframe after supporting said sister.

KD Trivia question of the week: What does BCIA stand for? Answer on GIN.

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Finance Arielle Anderer

PANHEL DEL Erin Powder elp54

Hi Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for Greeks Give Back. Please make sure to sign up using the link I emailed you or the link on the event's fb page. If you volunteered and something comes up please tell me as soon as possible. There's no limit to how many we can have so if you didn't volunteer in chapter today feel free to sign up anyway!

Rho Gammas mark your calendars for Ctown Cleanup on October 30. Yay Halloweekend!!!


Erin Lang Powder

Appointed Officers

Chaplain Laura Fletcher

20 min study break:

2 min study break: (same thing just start at 19:14)

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Girl Scouts Head Carolyn Schwartz


October 22nd from 2-4 will be our first of 2 GS Events, Trivia Time! We have 30 girls coming from 2nd - 6th grade and are going to set up jeopardy-style trivia.

We'll need girls to work the event, make questions for trivia (with answers)!, and bake for the event/bring snacks.

Sign up here if you know you'd like to do any of these things. Reminder that everyone needs a Girl Scout Point this semester, and there's only one other event this fall, on November 12th.

Senior Club Chairs

HEY SENIORS! I know you've all been waiting.... let's talk GAUNTLET! It's going to be DOPE but we want to make sure everyone can be there! SO we are taking a vote between 2 days for gauntlet. Fill out this form to vote:

Also, if anyone really wants to host a pregame for one of our wonderful mixers this weekend text meh 914-582-0563. THANKS!


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