Scoggins Band Newsletter

Week of February 3rd

Upcoming Events

February 4-Instrument Fitting for Elliot families @ Elliot from 3:30-7PM

February 5-Advanced Band Solo Contest @ Nelson Middle School

February 6-Instrument Fitting for Ogle families @ Ogle from 3:30-7PM

February 10-WE/SB Side By Side Concert with Independence High School 5-9PM

February 12-14-Directors out for TMEA

Looking Ahead

We will have numerous openings for next years booster board. If you are interested in serving please reach out to Ms. Friedman our Booster President at so that she can get you more information. Potential Openings are:






Elections aren't held until closer to to end of this school year, but we want to give everyone plenty of time to ask questions and consider if this is a good place to serve. Most positions require very little time and meetings happen once a month during the school year and last 30-45 min.

Our current Treasurer Ms. Prier has done a FANTASTIC job aiding in streamlining a number of our processes that will make next years treasurers life so much easier. THANK YOU Ms. Prier!

Beginning Band Information

Solo Contest-Congratulations!!

On Wednesday we had over 80 students participate in our Beginner Solo Contest. Of those participating we had 66 received a 1st division(the highest rating possible)!! Congratulations to all students who participated.

We also asked out judges to select Outstanding Soloists and the following students are to be commended on their performance:

Logan Eustache-Flute

Nathan Lim-Flute

Rishika Mahodaya-Flute

Arham Rashed-Flute

Arnav Sawane-Flute

Hailey Burch-Oboe

Mason Gagnon-Clarinet

Kyle Kim- Clarinet

Eden Shin-Clarinet

Kirsten Smith-Clarinet

Luke Richards-Sax

Max Reyes-Trumpet

Eva Behn-Horn

Keonte Greybear-Trombone

Jacob Upchurch-Tuba

Parker Kujak-Snare Drum


Next week's playing test is already available for them to access, and students are encouraged to work on it at home and submit early for extra credit! If a student does not have access to a computer or tablet that can operation SmartMusic at home then they are welcome to schedule a time before school, during target time or after school with their director to take advantage of the extra credit opportunity.

Practice Records

Practice Records are due Monday.


Student Performance Schedule

Students performance times are listed by last name.

Itinerary and Information

This was passed out in class on Thursday.

Concert Band Information

Practice Records

Practice Records are due Monday

Symphonic Band Information

Sectional Schedule

Sectionals will being this coming week. If there is a conflict please communicate with Mrs. Brinkman in advance.

Mondays- 3:45-4:30- Flute

Wednesdays- 7:30-8:10-Horn/Alto Saxophone

Thursdays- 7:30- 8:10- Clarinet/Trumpet

Friday-7:30-8:10- Low Brass

Wind Ensemble Information


All Students have assignments due by their next sectional.

Sectional Schedule

Monday- 3:45-4:30 - Horn/Alto Saxophone

Tuesdays- 7:30-8:10- Trumpet

Wednesdays- 7:30-8:10- Flute/Oboe

Thursdays- 7:30-8:10- Clarinets

Fridays-7:30-8:10- Low Brass/Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax/Bari Sax/Percussion

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