House of Usher Estate- For Sale!

Only Asking $535,000

Background Information- Previous Owners

The previous owner was Roderick Usher, who had his twin sister Madeline Usher live with him. Him and his sister were mentally ill, which progressed rapidly before they both died. The Usher generation was large, and they all lived in this house until each of them died. Mysteriously each family member became ill and insane before they died, and they all believed the house was responsible. But, I'm sure their mental illnesses were the cause of these absurd thoughts!
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Caution- Fixer Upper!

Details You Need to Know

The family members died inside the house, and Madeline was temporarily buried within the tombs below the house. So there is plenty of room below the house! Enough storage for the whole family! The family would need to pitch in on fixing the place up, because the overall structural soundness is arguable. There is a large amount of mold and mildew, and I would have the kids go crazy on dusting the entire place. That could help on building character, on top of responsibility! I would also talk to your children about ghosts, because the castle may or may not be haunted by the previous owners and the rest of their family. More the merrier!

This Beautiful Castle is Perfect for Raising a Large Family

Family Business Since 1976

"The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe