Falling in love with life.

Age: 16

Town: La Libertad, Columbia

Family Life.

- Mother was alcoholic, she spent all the families money and savings on her addiction.

-She had many children, all with different men; who all abandoned her.

-Mother brought in a child named German off the streets, who was 9 years older than Beto(who was the youngest).

-German stole, and beat Beto and his siblings. He was sent to jail.

Environment and Neighborhood

-He lived in the poor community of La Libertad, Medellin.

-The town was full of gangs, which many members of his family joined.

- Gangs were a way for the people to get away from the suffering at home.


-His brother Fredy died of a drug over dose, he was also an active gang member.

- Betto, due to the problems at home turned to the help of the church.

-He wanted to be a community leader.

-He joined an organization called Corporacion Regional.

-He ran recreational, theatrical, and artistic events to motivate children to vote for the childrens movement.

Have they been threatened?

- German threatened to beat Beto and his siblings.

- They were not threatened by gangs in the area though.

Why did he fight for peace?

-Beto was sick of the violence at home and in his community.

-He saw a chance for peace in Colombia.

What impressed us the most.

-Even though he grew up in a house hold full of violence he still wanted to fight for peace.

One question we would ask him...

- Did he ever doubt that Colombia could change?

Quote from Beto

"Life is tough here {in Columbia} but life is rich as well. Overcoming the hard knocks, that is what makes you fall in love with life."