A Performance Assessment for Earth Science

By: Melia Waters and William Straits


The authors' purpose was to illustrate the importance of authentic performance assessment by incorporating multiple intelligences and reinforcing learning by using their knowledge and creativity to make a song presenting what they have learned in a unit on the rock cycle.

Research Question

Do performance assessments give a clear enough picture of a students' learning?

Important Vocabulary

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences- logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, intrapersonal, naturalistic, body/kinesthetic, verbal/linguistic, musical/rhythmic, and interpersonal intelligences.

Integrated Learning- Assessments are referred to as integrated because they assess the knowledge of a concept and include the ability to write.

Author's Arugment Presentation

The authors presented a culminating activity with a rock unit.

Author's Conclusions

Big "Take Away"

Performance Assessment can include multiple intelligences using music/composing songs as a great alternative to traditional selected response tests.