Friday Memo

May 20, 2016

EOG Testing Reminders for track one testing, May 23-25

  • Pick up materials early
  • Proctors please be on time
  • Remember no picnics or recess outside while students are testing in 3rd grade pod
  • Changes to lunch schedule
  • Ask students not to talk in the hallways and by trailers!
  • Media Center closed for circulation on Tuesday only at this point.
  • Attendance is vital on these three days for all staff members! Please work hard to be here.


Maggie Ashworth is joining us from now until July as a SLP intern with Virginia Hampton. We hope you enjoy your time here, Maggie!

Mr. Gardner will be visiting campus on Tuesday morning ;)

Honoring Heather Daniels

Love the teacher lounge redo? - Heather

Love the keurig and coffee? - Heather

Love the kick-off lunches? - Heather

Love the early release lunches? - Heather

Love the birthday wishes and a sweet? - Heather

Love the home made theme based goodies every year? - Heather

Here's hoping that you will show your gratitude for years and years of her work to make sure you feel special.... Remember we are collecting donations through next Friday, May 27 so we can give her a special treat!. The envelope is in the office. We will honor her at our June 3 staff meeting!


May 23 - Michelle Guin

May 23 - Anne McCandlish

Interested in some extra income?

If you would like to work on some days in After School Care next year, please see Susan Wock. We have a need when tracks 3 and 4 are in.