Region 15 Education Service Center

Weekly Newsletter - March 1, 2021

Happy Monday to all of you. We know the work you do is changing the lives of students, and we thank you for your dedication to each member of your staff, your students, and their families.

Thank you,

Casey Callahan, Ed.D.


Superintendent Services

District of Innovation Plan

In 2015, the Texas Legislature amended the Texas Education Code to allow public school districts the opportunity to be designated as a District of Innovation.

That means now is a good time for Districts of Innovation to review their plans and determine if it needs to be renewed and/or amended. As was true for the initial innovation plan, there is a specific regulatory process for renewal of a district of innovation plan. For example, renewal of a plan must be, “…approved by a majority vote of the district-level committee established under the Texas Education Code (TEC), §11.251, or a comparable committee if the district is exempt from that section, and a two-thirds majority vote of the board of trustees.” 19 Tex. Admin. Code § 102.1313(a). Additionally, “During renewal, all sections of the plan and exemptions shall be reviewed and the district must follow all components outlined in §102.1307 of this title (relating to Adoption of Local Innovation Plan).” 19 Tex. Admin. Code § 102.1313(a)(3).

Weather Waivers

Please submit Missed School Day Waiver requests via TEAL, with supporting documentation.

Please email with questions or call the Superintendent Hotline for urgent support.

Board Training - Team of Eight

Each session will begin at 6:00 P.M. with a meal and a one hour training on Safe and Supportive School Programs for Board Responsibilities. Team of Eight training will then follow. Each participant will leave with 4 hours of board training. ($500 per board)

March 3 – Region 15 – Conference Center (max 6 boards) - 6:00 P.M.

Please register your board for training with Sheri Durham

Teacher Incentive Allotment Training Zoom sessions

March 3, 2021 – 1:00 to 4:400 Student Growth Update and Spending Plans (TRS and TASB Policy) Session 037854

April 7, 2021 – 1:00 to 4:00 Application Review and Data Collection Session 037856

March Monthly Reminders are located at the end of the newsletter.

Laura Strube


Business and Finance

For business and finance needs, contact

Henri Gearing

Curriculum and Instruction

Gear up your students to be successful on their STAAR Reading 2021 assessment!

Grades 3-5 STAAR Reading Field Test Questions

Find session details HERE.

TEKSCon is Coming!

July 27-29, 2021

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

San Antonio, TX

Find more information HERE.


FaBOOKalous Fridays

Live Author Visits Every Friday at 10:30 am

You, teachers, and students are invited to...

join us each Friday morning for the opportunity to experience authors from around the globe as they graciously lead a session for the students, teachers, and sometimes parents, in Region 15. While sharing their stories, they have been able to weave inspiring and instructional words leading all to pursue the art of reading and writing to deeper levels.

The ZOOM opens at 10:15 for classes and virtual students to begin joining for the 10:30 session, and we would LOVE to 'see' you there!

Find more information and schedules HERE.

Questions from the Chat Box: Lit and Lunch with Vivian Kirkfield--From Here to There


For your curriculum and instruction needs, please contact

David Bedford


Data Services

For your data service needs, please contact

Melissa Anthony

Data Service Coordinator


Administrative Services

The following workshops are now scheduled for the spring.


3rd—TIA Cohort D: Spending Plans (Register here)

24th-25th—Staffing and Master Schedule (Register here)


7th—TIA Cohort D: Application Review and Data Collection (Register here)

19th-21st—T-TESS (Register here)

For Administrative Services assistance, please contact

Robin Graves



Federal Programs

Proclamation 2021 - PreK

Robin Graves



Special Education

If you have Special Education-specific questions, please contact:

Jam Page

Special Education Director




Accountability and Assessment

TELPAS window

Administration and Leadership

Develop recommendations for teacher contracts

*SBDM Committees develop campus performance objectives

Review Graduation Program FMH (TASB - LEGAL & LOCAL) on Student Expression/Prayer (TASB - FNA LEGAL & LOCAL)

Principal surveys to evaluate educator preparation program opens to HR staff

Update Ask TED

Charter Specific

Charter Amendments close April 1st

Request for an Indirect Cost Rate for Charter Schools for 2020-2021 survey due to TEA in March

Update Ask TED with TEA Charter Division

Federal and State Programs

Review/implement district/campus improvement plans in accordance with district planning process (TEC§11.251)


Review student attendance figures as compared to prior year and budget projections

Continue budget process including proposed staff compensation package

SHARS Cost Control Report due April 1st

Food and Nutrition

Child Nutrition USDA Commodity Food Survey closes, March 5

Child Nutrition Financial Report due March 15 (according to Square Meals)

Child Nutrition Community Eligibility Program Data Submission Deadline, March 19th


Distribute Migrant Survey to all students

School Board

*Order of Trustee election and post required notice for May election

Prepare report Trustee training hours prior to May elections with postings as required (TEC§11.159) – April Board meeting

*Adopt district goals

*Adopt school calendar

*Ratify Textbook Committee recommendations (19 TAC 66.104(a); TEC§31.101)

Discuss preliminary budget/budget workshops

*Approve waivers as needed

Special Education

Perform self-analysis of FY20 MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance, using final expenditure data from TSDS PEIMS 2020-2021 Mid-Year reports; gather documentation for exceptions/adjustment, if applicable

FY20 MOE (Maintenance of Effort) Preliminary Compliance Review released by TEA; Respond to TEA with documentation of exceptions/adjustment for decline in fiscal effort, if applicable

2020-2021 Excess Cost Final Calculation based on final, audited 2019-2020 expenditures should be completed (kept locally)

2020-2021 High Cost Fund Eligibility Application (Optional fund source) opens

Application opens March 1st to submit Early Childhood Outcome data through SPP 7 TEAL application

Monitor special education expenditures from the general fund to ensure on track for MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance

Texas Student Data System/PEIMS

PEIMS Summer submission ready for users to promote data on March 1st

PEIMS Mid-Year data available to customers on March 4th

TDSD SPPI-14 data available to customers on March 4th

PEIMS Ex-Yr submission ready for users to promote data on March 23rd

TSDS Class Roster Winter due on March 25th

*Requires Board action/approval