Persephone's Kiddnapping

Her side of the story

I am Persephone and this is what I saw when I was kidnapped by Hades and what I think of his reasons and actions.

I was picking flowers when I saw a narcissus, I had to have it. I walked over to the flower when Hades showed up and grabbed me, and took me to the under world. He told me I was beautiful and that he loved me, but I didn't love him, I wanted to go home! I was so angry I didn't eat anything, until Hermes showed up I was just so excited to finally go home that I didn't stop to think that Hades might have been tricking me when he gave me a handful of pomegranate seeds for my journey home, so I ate them and left. When I got back to my mother, Demeter she asked me if I had eaten anything, then I remembered the pomegranate seeds and she told me that I had to go back eventually so I cried. Then my father Zeus made a compromise with Hades that I would go back to the underworld for four months a year. When I come up it's Spring! Even though I hate the underworld I've gotten used to Hades and at least thanks to my father I don't have to stay there forever.

Next Week

Although Persephone and the other gods and goddesses claim to be at good terms with Hades, photos and videos show hidden tension. What is going on between them? Read next weeks article to find out.
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