Martin De Leon

By: Maddie Rendon & Kendyll Keyes

Martin De Leon Settled in San Felipe, Texas. (The green area on the map below)


Martin De Leon got land in San Felipe because he came from Mexico. They let him come because he has experience with farming, He lived with his wife and they began ranching they were also wealthy. He had a cattle ranch. At first he got denied by the Spanish government, but he kept trying and finally got in. He was born in Bangor in 1765 an died in Victoria, Texas in 1833. He died of cholera, an infection caused by bacteria. He lays at evergreen cemetery in Victoria, Texas. Had 10 children in his lifetime.

Why did Martin De Leon want to come to Texas?

A short trip to La Bahia, San Antonio, and Nacogdoches in 1805 made Martin De León want to settle in Texas.

Problems with...

Mexican government: The only problems he had with the government was being rejected to go to Texas.

Economic conditions: Martin De Leon's economic condition was very wealthy, so he had no problem.

Settlers in the settlement: Margaret R. Wright and John J. Linn

Success or Failure?

Martin De Leon's settlement was successful.

Geography at the settlement.

Martín De León, had an passionate love for hunting, this was also truly a paradise for a hunter. He could not believe it could be true. Martin De Leon wanted to create a permanent settlement. As a starter he accordingly petitioned the Spanish Governor of San Antonio in 1807, for land that was located between the Aransas River and Chiltipin Creek.