Espanol Y El Cerebro

Spanish and the Brain


~First language starts when your born

~It takes about 4-10 years to be fluent in a second language

~It is easier to learn a second language between 2 and puberty

FACTORS! (of learning a language)




~Development of brain

~Cognative skills



~A baby can learn a language easier because their brain is not fully developed

~an adult can have better control of learning a second language since they already know a first language

~Babies sound words out unlike adults where they rush through

~Adults can connect first language words to second language words


~Beneficial in a work atmosphere that deals with people

~Could result in higher pay

~Be more intelligent

~Improved first language

~Experiance a new culture


~Learning a second language can be beneficial to your every day life. Just like babies we don't know a second language yet but are introduced to one and learn sounds and words. This is just like a baby learning their first language! Not just being beneficial in life but a second language can introduce you to that specific language culture and you can learn many things about that culture.

~It is very easy to know a second language if you put your mind to it! Even though it might take a lot of practicing and learning, in the end it will pay off.