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January 23 - February 3

Principal Arellano's Post

Greetings Cougar Families!

We have had an amazing start to our third quarter with students. I am impressed daily by their dedication to learning and leadership! Please encourage your student to keep up the hard work!

Please be sure to look in your student's backpack daily and check your Remind app for communication from the school and your student's teacher. Students have nightly homework. Please support them in completing homework and reading nightly.

Important Information Regarding School Lunch

With the passing of Proposition FF school meals will become free at the start of the 2023/2024 school year. The procedures for school meals will follow the current process for the rest of this school year.

More information on menus, pricing, payments meal applications and charge policies can be accessed at

If you have any questions please call Nutrition Services at 719.391.3560.

Please keep an eye on your student's lunch account balance. If you have concerns, please reach out to our Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Coll. Call the front office and we can transfer your call.

The link for online lunch payments is attached. Your child's student ID number will be on their profile page that you sign off on in the classroom when you meet the teacher. Cash or check can be accepted at the school.

Habits of Success and ROARS Focus

    January 9-February 3

    Habits of Success Focus: Growth Mindset

    ROARS Focus: Attitude

    The skill of a Growth Mindset helps our students in the following ways:

    Focusing on a Growth Mindset helps our students develop the belief that intelligence is not fixed and can be developed by taking risks, persistence, and hard work.

    Help students develop a Growth Mindset skills by discussing techniques with the following prompts:

    Dinner Table Prompts:

    • What does it mean to have a fixed mindset? What does it mean to have a growth mindset?
    • Discuss a time that you had a fixed mindset. Did you change to having a growth mindset?
    • Discuss a time when you were successful because you had a growth mindset.
    • What is a mistake you have made? How did you learn from it?
    • What steps can you take to continue to develop your ability to have a growth mindset?
    • How can you help a friend or peer when they are showing signs of having a fixed mindset?
    • How can you make the other students in your class feel comfortable taking risks?
    • How can your class community support you when you make a mistake or fail?
    • How can failing be positive?
    • Think of a famous person you know. Do you think they have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? How do you know?
    • How does our attitude impact our mindset?
    • What steps can you take to turn a bad day into a good day?

Principal Arellano


Stay in the Loop

Two Week Overview

Monday, January 23


Need to Know: District Speech Competition, Kid’s Heart Challenge Assembly 8:45 AM, Spirit Week-Mismatch Day

Meetings: PTO 3:30 PM

Clubs: N/A

Tuesday, January 24


Need to Know: Spirit Week-Jersey Day

Meetings: N/A

Clubs: AM Tutoring K-3 (invite only), FLL, Coding, and Choir PM

Wednesday, January 25


Need to Know: Spirit Week-Hat Day $1

Meetings: Staff Meeting 3:30 PM

Clubs: AM Tutoring K-3 (invite only), Battle of the Books AM, Spelling Bee, SWAT and Botball PM

Thursday, January 26


Need to Know: Spirit Week-School Pride Wear Blue and Gold

Meetings: N/A

Clubs: Choir, Coding and FLL PM

Friday, January 27


Need to Know: Spirit Week-Crazy Hair Day

Meetings: N/A

Clubs: Botball PM

Monday, January 30


Need to Know: N/A

Meetings: N/A

Clubs: N/A

Tuesday, January 31


Need to Know: N/A

Meetings: N/A

Clubs: AM Tutoring K-3 (invite only), Spelling Bee, Coding, FLL, Choir PM

Wednesday, February 1


Need to Know: N/A

Meetings: N/A

Clubs: AM Tutoring K-3 (invite only), Battle of the Books AM, Spelling Bee, SWAT and Botball PM

Thursday, February 2


Need to Know: District Spelling Bee

Meetings: N/A

Clubs: Coding, FLL, Choir PM

Friday, February 3


Need to Know: SWAT grade 3-5 on 2/4

Meetings: N/A

Clubs: Botball and Green Team PM

Upcoming Assemblies and Importan Events

  • Heart Challenge Assembly 1/23 at 8:45 am.
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Cougar Alert

  • All visitors must check-in at the front office prior to entering the school building with a picture ID.

  • During arrival and dismissal, please maintain the speed limit, stop for students and adults in the crosswalk, and avoid blocking the street. We are partnering with our SROs to ensure speed limits and traffic laws are followed for the safety of our students and community members.

  • Please do not drop students off prior to 8:00 a.m. as we do not have duty staff available for supervision.

  • All afterschool clubs will end at 4:15. Please be sure to have your student picked up on time. Please be sure to check your Remind app for cancelations or changes to schedules.
  • Please be sure to read through the important documents below that are shared with our families in our annual September Communication to famlies.

Staff Recognition

Please send Mrs. Arellano an email if you would like to recognize one of our staff members for the amazing work they do each and every day with students. Staff recognitions will be submitted to our district Good News letter and be featured on our Coougar Connect Community Edition. Mrs. Arellano can be reached at

King Elementary

Congratulations King Elementary on earning the 2022 National Elementary and Secondary Education Act Distinguished School Award!! Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes presented King with the award which included a $10,000 check! King Elementary, a project-based learning school, was chosen out of the state’s 750 Title I schools for producing exceptional student performance and academic growth for two consecutive years.

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