If You Find Me

Jordan Hunter


If You Find Me is about a girl name Carey who was kidnapped at 4 years old by her mother. Her mother left and never came back for her and her sister Jenessa. Instead she wrote a letter to Carey's dad telling him where the girls are hidden. So once the dad found them he took them home and now Carey have a hard time adjusting to this new life of hers. And at the same time she is also hiding this huge secret about why Jenessa stop talking in the woods. So everything is really hard for her to adjust and keep this huge secret a secret.


  • Carey Blackburn/Benskin
  • Jenessa (Nessa) Blackburn- Carey sister
  • Jolle Blackburn- Carey Mother
  • Mrs. Haskell- social worker
  • Mr. Benskin- Carey dad
  • Melissa Benskin- Carey step-mother
  • Delaney Benskin- Carey step-sister
  • Ryan Shipley- Carey's friend
  • Courtney (Pixie) Macleod- Carey's bestfriend


  • low self esteem
  • Evidence: " I keep my head low as I walk the aisle" "I Choose the desk in the back corner"
  • Strong on the out, Weak on the inside'
  • Evidence: strong on the out cause she takes care of her sister and makes sure she is OK and she also talks and makes her opinion but weak because every night she cry to herself and on the inside she is really worried that she might get taken away from her sister because the huge secret she is hiding
  • Quote: "My name is Carey Violet Benskin. I'm sure" "My mama kidnapped me when i was four years old" "And now I'm home"
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Sometimes its best to let go and let others help. You don't have to handle everything on your own. Because sometimes if you do it would end up hurting you in the long run.

Important Event

Carey took her dad back to Obed Wild and Science River National Park "The Hundred Acre Woods" to tell him the reason why Jenessa stopped talking. And the whole time she was there she was nervous because this is the huge secret that she is hiding and it could also get her taken away from her sister. "My stomach slips sideways like skeeters across the creek, and it's more than the truth coming out."
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I recommend this book to girls in high school only because its more of a girls point of view. And for high school girls because of the language in the book is for mature audience, also some of the events in the book is for mature audience.