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A look back, over our unsettling decade by James nov. 3 1929

Table of continence

3. The return of the Klan

4. A look at politics

5. the defining court cases

6. The scopes trial

7. The people and things that brought modernity

8. Dear James

9. Entertain

As Nativism sweeps the nation the Klan returns

New immigrants make Americans insecure...

over the last decade, as many sought asylum from poverty in Europe and China, here in the flourishing economy of the united States; those already hear let fear grow of theas new citizens. As Americans grow more afraid, old prejudices are rekindled, this is embodied no more aqutely than in the ku klux klan; which struck fear in many Americans and polarized the nation.
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A look at politics...

Warren G. Harding

one who we saw as a hero turned into a villain, many of Harding's reforms and policy were warmly welcomed by the american people, as they grew to love and apricheate the one who was once seen as a great president is now a stain on our history as his many scandles are exposed upon his death.

Bribery under Harding

The tea pot dome scandal is one of the many scandles which came to light taking place in 1921 under the late president Harding. with one of his cabinet members excepting bribes.

Kellogg Briand Pact

on aug. 27 1928, the united states along with germane and France signed the treaty, renouncing war as a option for resolving disputes.
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Defining court cases over the last 10 years

The Red Scare

after the war had ended, and the Bolshevik Revolution had taken Russia the fear was that the same would take place in the U.S. and after some concerning events laws were in place to ensure that such things would not take place

The Palmer raids

In order to keep the country out of the hands of the bolsheviks the department of justice under attorney general A. Mitchel Palmer arrested and deported anarchists and leftists attempting a revolution