The Seven Mermaids

Written by Daniella Mckay

The Story

Once upon a time there was 7 princess’ they lived in the sea they where pretty they lived happily until the evil octopus toke over the sea and tried to kill the princesses and the king ben and queen Willidish the queen was loving and caring she loved her kids so much her kids names where Indy Laura Daniella Charlene Kanya and Ava and Immy and
Charlotte and
stehp. The princesses went to say hi to the the octopus but they herd the octopus talking about hurting them the princesses where secured they swemt back to the castle they told their mother and farther what happened they sied mother” farther” we” herd” the” octopus” talking’’ she” sied” that” she” was” going” to” hurt “our’’ family” the” king” was” shocked!” he” called”the’’ grads” the grads
went to kill the octopus the princesses sied no don't they level her alone they went to their mother mother canyou stop farther from hurting the octopus their mother sied honey once i told your farther
not to hurt the octopus so your farther did not hurt her but one day the octopus got you girls so I'm sorry this time your father has to kill the octopus the princesses
ran away their mother sied come back my little princesses they sied no mum
we had visited the octopus she sied sorry ok there is nothing bad about her mother ok we will put a spell on the octopus the princesses sied ok. Daniella sied to her mother can i go to the park her mother sied umm sure but be back soon Daniella sied ok daniella went to the park and she saw a prince she sat down saw Daniella ran to her mother and sed mother indy kissed Andrew castle Daniella started to cry indy got time her farther said your not aloud to go to the park the next day Daniella went to the park she saw Andrew and he went and set by Daniella he said me and your sister indy Daniella said i have 7 sisters thank you Andrew said me and indy our not tougher Andrew went and kissed Daniella and Daniella sied yuk keep your moth to your self under stand and Andrew you need to brush your teeth if your going to kiss me ok the next day Laura found a boyfriend called Bryce Laura loved Bryce they always looked at each other the next day Charlene went to the park and saw Dominick Charlene she went an sat next to him
she said hi and he said hello but Dominick Charlene but Dominick had saw immy he said wait and Dominick sied beautiful princess i shaw come back for you so he did

4 days later the mother and farther where happy but indy was not happy she had she sat on poop her mother and farther went too indy and said you need a shawer the kids came back to the to the sea for her mother and farther they had gold in their hand the farther was in joy to se her little princesses Daniella was happy to see indy Daniella said to indy i have a gift for you it was a boy for indy his name was Blake indy was happy again she gave Daniella a hug after that there a ring at the door Daniella said i will get it she opened the door it was a invitation to a ball for the princesses from prince Xanin he princesses said oh no mother no don’t let us go we love are price and price the princesses went in too their room they were all sad. then we herd mother coming in are room mother said i was just like you wen i was little i loved your farther he was my one. so can go to ball with your love one they all where happy again they all went to get the/,
love one and told them too wait down stirs so they can put there cloths on wen they came down stirs the and they all