"Hargreaves Spinning Jenny" Inc.

Fastest Thread Spinning Machine Around!

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Learn More About James Hargreaves:

James Hargreaves got employed by a business man to construct a better carding machine. One day when he saw a spinning wheel that was over turned by his daughter Jenny. He realized that many spindles could be spinning at once. Then he came up with the great invention known as the Spinning Jenny, which would change the world forever.

More About The Spinning Jenny:

Customer Reviews:

"I love my spinning Jenny! My factory is producing so much more wool and cotton than we used to! The sales have gone through the roof! Everyone wants to buy some because almost everyone can afford it!"

"I would never go back to making wool and cloth by hand! My factory is producing 3 times more cotton than we used to!"

How To Buy Your Very Own Spinning Jenny:

Come down to a warehouse in Lancashire England, James Hargreaves home town! If you are an entrepreneur or part of a cotton or wool making factory come down to the warehouse today to purchase your very own Spinning Jenny! There is only one model and it's only $250.00!