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What Am I Doing?

Need Help? Have Questions?

Join me for the online chat on Thursdays at 8:30 pm. I will answer your questions, address concerns, and provide a lesson on the current content.

Where to find assignments?

Please locate the course schedule for the 12 week group. You should follow the schedule from day to day. It will keep you on track! The instructions for the assignments are in the content that you should read on a daily basis. Content is found under the course materials menu.


Basic Guidelines

1. Make an initial reply to the discussion question by the day before
the due date.
2. Create a substantial reply to the question/topic that requires thought
(at least 3-4 sentences).
3. Respond to at least two of your classmates by the due date. These
replies should state your agreement/disagreement with the
statement, along with your reasoning. A satisfactory response
should be at least 1 paragraph (2-4 sentences).
4. Use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

When do I turn in assignments?

You can submit assignments at any time. However, assignments are due every other Friday by midnight. Your first due date is Friday March 1.