Anne of Green Gables

Made by Yenuli de silva

Information about the book Anne of Green Gables

In this book we are the readers meeting a 12 year old girl named Anne who had spent her life in an asylum. Marilla and Matthew cuthbert were expecting a boy from the asylum but instead they meet a skinny red haired girl which turns out to be Anne Shirley.She is feisty with lots of spirit.She meets lots of friends on her first day of school one of them to be known as Diana Barry.Diana becomes Anne's best friend and they do everything together.In this story we meet a boy named Gilbert Blythe who teased Anne about her hair she gets really mad at him she would not even talk to Gilbert from then on

why you should watch the movie Anne of green Gables

You should watch the movie Anne of Green Gables because it is great for readers who are more visual learners who like things being expressed by pictures not words.The movie is much more interesting and catches peoples attention if you have great actors and really great costumes.I think that it is also another way of expressing the massage in the book.In the movie Anne of the green gables we get to see what it would be like living in that time.But when reading the story we picture it in our minds something not entirely correct but when we are watching a movie we see where Anne lived and what she did in that time its like the people watching the movie we emerge into Anne's world and then we realise that her world is diffrent and inspired from where they might have lived,Friends,family or something else.


In conclusion that is why we should watch the movie version of things

FUN FACTS about L.M.Montgomery

*she almost gave up after her book was rejected several times

*her husband is mentally ill

*she got the ides for anne from an journal

*she started writing poetry