Friday Memo

May 13, 2016

Clopening Due this week:

  • class lists will be given to track one teachers on Wednesday
  • class assignment letters go home for track one students on Friday

Tech Tuesday

Popplet Lite: Mind-mapping made easy

Tech Tips

It’s a great time to clean off those iPads. Apps you don’t use, pictures, videos, & student selfies all take up a lot of memory. Remember to clean out the deleted picture folder too.

Terrie would love to collect any old calendars that have beautiful pictures of landscapes, animals, etc. to use with some of our projects. If you're cleaning out your room and find any please place them in her mailbox.

SIP Plan

We have a new SIP plan! 69 yes and 1 no to the new plan. Our focus for year one will be collaboration. We will have a full day of training on July 6 on Kagan Cooperative learning to give you some tools and strategies. When you are thinking as a team about a focus, please plan to include supports for collaboration! Thank you to our SIP team for the hard work and dedication!!