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I can’t help but think of a sports mouthguard when I read this verse. So many players use mouthguards because of the dangerous possibility of not using one. Imagine a 300lb lineman coming at you. Who doesn’t want every bit of protection possible? The mouthpiece will not protect against catastrophic moments, but it does protect against everyday events on the field. The concept of self-management is addressed in those who are wise. Murphy writes, “The ideal of the sage is the person who exercises self-control, especially as regards speech. The contrast in this verse is between the silent type who chooses words well and the fool whose open mouth is full of mere chatter that turns out to be ruinous to himself.” Here also lies the need for social management. Not only must the emotionally intelligent speak less, but failure to do so means there was no proper understanding of the social situation.

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The one who conceals hatred has lying lips, and whoever spreads slander is a fool.

-- Proverbs 10:18

Self-awareness and self-management are noticed in this verse. Self-awareness is knowing yourself and your emotions, not as you wish they were, but as they really are. Self-management is the wisdom and ability to understand the impact you have when you act or refrain from action. In this passage, the individual recognizes his hatred but lies and does not manage it very well. Also, he does not socially manage the situation well, as his lying and slander are connected. This can be complicated in leadership because we often have people we like and others not so much.

We are human. I get it.

However, the term hatred is such a strong word that we must be careful not to hang onto it in our hearts. Concealing hatred for someone but speaking to them like nothing is wrong is like lying. An honest approach would be to address the concerns and hurts that have created this emotion inside you with the person. Self-awareness and self-management lead to a healthy emotional state from which you will lead better.

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Lead Team Set 3 Goals for 2023.

1. Evangelism - it is our desire to see evangelism increase this year. A good way to measure that is through baptisms. Our goal is 12 baptisms this year. Evangelism Training is on March 12 at 4 pm.

2. Discipleship - it is our desire to see 50% of the worship attendance in intentional discipleship, whether in a group of 3-5 people or 1:1.

3. Community Engagement - it is our desire to see 50% of the worship attendance serving through community engagement initiatives. Look for sign-up opportunities.

About Us

1. We desire to see every person in Crowley and the near regions become disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. We are a Bible-believing church. Our command from God is to make disciples. However, that looks and feels different than it did when I was a kid! People are farther away from God than ever before. It takes more "touches" and deeper relationships before there can be spiritual conversations.

2. We will love people so they can move forward on life's journey. We have been saying this for a few months now, but want to keep saying it until we live it out everywhere we go! Because people are farther away from God than ever before we must choose to love them with patience, kindness, respect, and conversations - many conversations! We have to respect them as humans before we can discuss other matters. We must be patient with people as they work through the trauma that church and Christians have given over the years.

3. We have established a code of conduct for the FBC family:

  • Accept — We provide a welcoming, non-judgmental and safe space where you can take steps of spiritual growth. We are a group open to new ideas and people. We would love to meet you.
  • Recognition — We find the good in people and love to share it with others. We would love to get to know you.
  • Inspire — We motivate to mobilize people to fulfill their God-given potential. Let us help you reach the heights for which you are designed.
  • Serve — We engage our church and community by service projects, providing help when possible and sharing community resources.
  • Evangelism — We want to build real, trusting, relationships in order to share the gospel of Jesus Christ that leads to life transformation.

4. Basic Beliefs - Click for a PDF.