The Great Discovery

The Duzzow is Awesome!

Cows Mooing

Do you know what a Duzzow is?

My animal is an incredible cow. It's ecosystem is the grasslands. The grasslands have very rich soil. A lot of plants grow there. I mixed a speedy dog and a nasty buzzard into a hungry cow. I mixed the buzzard so the cow would have a strong stomach. The dog will give it speed. It has all around greatness.
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How it all happened

How the Duzzo looks

It looks like a cow with wings and little legs.It eats grass and decaying animals.It can fly and has speed.It can get away from a predator.It is a very well built animal.The wings make the cow look like a flying pick up truck. The speed makes it move like a huge speeding train.
The Lion King - Hakuna Matata - Official [HD]

Lion king

This motion picture was based in the grasslands

The Duzzo Is Amazing

The Duzzo is an incredible animal. It's incredible speed and size make it look like an 18 wheeler. It looks like a huge plane when it's in the air. It will help the grasslands. It is a well rounded animal. It eats dead animals and grass. It can eat more than 30 men