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357,021 km²

Neighboring states

Germany has nine neighbors:

Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland

Highest mountain

Zugspitze 2963 m

Longest rivers

Rhine 865 km, Elbe 700 km, Danube 647 km (in Germany)

Largest cities

Berlin Capital City 52° 31' N, 13° 24' E) 3.4 million inhabitants, Hamburg (1.7m), Munich (1.3m), Cologne (1.0m), Frankfurt/Main (676,000)


Moderate oceanic/continental climatic zone with frequent changes in weather and primarily westerly winds

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There are six key sectors in which Germany plays a major role in setting the global agenda and economic cooperation:

· Medicine and healthcare (incl. sectors such as medical engineering and the healthcare industry)

· Transport and logistics (incl. automotive construction, transport systems technology, aerospace)

· Chemicals and pharmaceuticals (with disciplines such as life sciences, Biotech and gene technologies, biochemistry and new materials)

· Technology and innovation (from mechanical engineering to IKT, optical and electrotechnologies to microelectronics and nanotechnology)

· Energy and the environment

· Financial services

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