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Scrap Metal Crane ($2,000,001 for 1 or $4,000,000 for 2)

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With this wonderful, glorious piece of modern engineering excellence, you will be able to wreak havoc upon your scrap metal enemies. Show them who's boss with your new and improved SCRAPBUSTR5000!

The SCRAPBUSTR5000 utilizes the metal in its structure to generate the flow of electricity from the battery inside the crane to the magnet at the end of it's arm. The flow of electricity activates the magnet, creating a large magnetic force used to pick up scrap metal by the gluteload.

Super Awesome Subwoofer of science ($8,000)

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This amazing subwoofer will never let your neighbors sleep, or even have a normal conversation again. Let your grandparents know that you're coming by simply turning on your stereo. Everyone within 50 miles will be aware of your presence due and to severe hearing loss and tremors in the earth!

The magnetic field in this subwoofer's motor are aplified to generate a larger magnetic force, amplifying the weight and girth of the subwoofer.

The RCV VCR player ($0.50 for one, $20 for 50 pack)

This RCV VCR player is guaranteed to play VCRs! Play your old and rusty VCRs like never before! The quality of the videos will be absolutely staggering!

This VCR player utilizes the magnetic fields of the tape and receiver to play back things captured in the past to play in the future!

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The North South East West Compass ($1 for one, $200 for pack of 500)

With this top of the line compass, you will be able to find you way in any direction with ease!

The magnets in this compass direct to the North and South poles, making it quite easy to find North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, Northsouth, Southnorth, Westeast, and even Eastwest!

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The ATMSMSHR 6.945E46

Now you can own your very own Particle Accelerator! With some simple installation you can create your own particles with ease! Some space required, not to mention the many digging permits you will have to aquire prior to the installation of this massive machine. But that's no problem! We help you dig effortlessly by utilizing our vast array of nuclear bombers that we have at our disposal ready to deploy on any spot in the world within 1 hour.

This particle accelerator, activated by many many electromagnetic fields that will project charged particles at high speeds to collide them to allow observation of various atom's behaviors while under the influence of other atoms.

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Supr HrdKR washing machine

With this super hardcore washing machine, your clothes will never be the same again. Your clothes will be cleaner than you even knew you wanted. Sometimes clothes get disintegrated, but you didn't want that shirt, anyways. It made you look fat.

Electricity runs a small motor in the washing machine, causing it to spin extremely quickly! Magnets on the door keep it from flying open mid-cycle

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