The Spread of the Printing Press

Skylar David

Creation of The Printing Press

The Printing Press was created in 1452 and from there to 1500 it spread to many cities in Europe. (The Impact of Movable Type Printing Press).

How The Printing Press Changed The World

The article says " It transformed the relationship between educator and student" (paragraph 7). When the Printing Press was created and everybody started to get one, it changed the way people would teach and learn.

The Increase in Production From the Printing Press

Before the Printing Press there wasn't many books unless they were handwritten. When the Printing Press was invented many copies of everything. When Columbus created his letter in 1493 and sent it to Europe, cities would make copies of it using the Printing Press. Some cities would have around 4 copies (The Diffusion of Columbus's Letter through Europe)