A Little Bit Scary

By Dakota Uy

You might think that Bob is a little bit scary, but...

  • He cheers people up with his great smile.
  • He helps people reach things high up because he is very bouncy.
  • He is smart, and he went to Monster Harvard.
  • He graduated with a degree in eating.

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Good Deeds

  • He is a super hero,who saves animals.
  • He helps the homeless and poor.
  • He volunteers at an animal shelter.


He is an only child,and he lives with his parents and grandparents.


  • He plays lacrosse and football.
  • He runs 16 miles every day.
  • He has a book club.

Bobby's Favorite Things

  • He likes to cook different types of food.
  • He enjoys visiting Europe.
  • He loves to bungee-jump.