Fifth Grade Newsletter

January 3, 2016

Dear Parents:

We hope you and your family enjoyed the holiday break.


We are going to keep our fingers crossed and hope that technology cooperates this week so we can finish our charity projects and share them. I was so impressed with the maturity and perseverance of those students whose projects were lost in the week before break.

Social Studies

We will be getting into our new unit on explorers this week. Students will have vocabulary words that they can study throughout the week. We will also begin our first round of the Geography Bee. Each class will have students who move on to the second round, which is a 5th-6th grade competition. The third and final round will be a 5th through 8th grade competition that will be held in the CMS/HS Auditorium. Stay tuned for more information. I will keep you posted!


Welcome back! This week begins with a review of the algebraic concepts that we worked on before winter break. This will include use of grouping symbols and the order of operations, as well as a review of the vocabulary that allows us to translate between words and math sentences. Afterwards, we will continue working with more algebraic concepts.


We will be getting back into the swing of things this week. We will be passing back assignments and looking at grades this week. This helps the students get back into "school mode". We will begin our Matter (atoms and molecules) Unit this week as well.

Homework: students will have homework this week. Assigned Tuesday due Thursday.


Mrs. Garver's Class: Music

Mrs. Muladore's Class: PE


The Fifth Grade Team

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