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A presentation on pennants


Pennants are tiny flags that represent countries, teams, Or even places. You used to find pennants in stores, but now few people even know about them. Some pennants that you might've seen before are the tiny USA flags at 4th of July parades, flags with sports teams on them↖️, or even the flags you occasionally see on ships.
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Back In The Day........

Kids would buy pennants on vacation, at school, at sports games, and even on harbors. After the kids would get home they would hang the pennants on their walls.
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Most kids don't know what pennants are, and if they are told about pennants they often times google 'pennants'.


It may seem like it's nearly impossible to find pennants, but they actually are in more places than you'd think. There are lots of places you may have seen pennants, like on boats, in schools, at sports games, at Fourth of July parades, and even on campers at campgrounds! So try to find some pennants around you. They may be closer than you'd think!


Though now it may seem like the World of Pennants seems unscratched, things aren't exactly like they used to be. Many people will be buying a pennant and mistakingly call it a "flag", when in reality it is a pennant. Though the name is quite unknown, you can still find pennants just about anywhere.