Raoul Wallenberg

Wallenberg's mission for Jews


Raoul Wallenberg was born August 4th,1912. Raoul belonged to one of the most famous families in all of Sweeden. As a little boy he was always determined and put his mind to whatever it was set upon,despite what his entire family thought of him or the situation. In this flier you will see the determination of this young man and how he fights for what he wants and believes in.
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Early life and Education

Raoul always as little boy loved to study and read and never joked around when it came to it. when his friends were outside playing he was inside the house studying or even when he had his free time he choose to spend it studying. he was a young and smart boy and was always recgognized and given medals and awards for being so academically good. All through out his elementry year till high school. raouls dream career was to always be an Architect, but his fanily wanted him to be a Banker because it was a family tradition. he didnt listen and pursued on with his own intrest in the University Of Michigan in Ann Harbor then later returned to Sweeden

Wallenbergs life at the start of the Holocaust

when he got back to Sweeden his granfather sent him to Cape Town for job oppurtunities in his profession which were hard to find, so his grandfather found him a job in Architecture in Haifa, Israel. In this place is where he met Jews that escaped Hitler in Germany for the first time. The Jews told him stories of Nazi persecutions and it made him very upset and affected him a lot.

Wallenbergs effort to rescue Jews

Raoul soon entered a group and they created a System called WRB standing for War Refugee Board. This group was all about saving Jews. When Wallenberg entered this group he helped put togther buildings were Jews could hide. he also made Sweedish passports for Jews so they could run away. This all continued for so long till Adlof found out what he had been doing then had him arrested as well as his team because they also were part of it