Animal Abuse

By: Jenna, Gwenith, Lizzy

Why is it wrong?

People hurt animals because they are sad, depressed or they just don't think of the consequences of abuse to animals. People just don't care about what they do to these animals that actually do so much for you. If you treat them right their one of the best companion's ever.

What can we do about it?

A couple things we could do about this horrible act of animal abuse. One we could make the community or city aware of what people are doing wrong and how can we as a community help it. The second thing we can do is check peoples back rounds to see if they have the money for food, things for the animal, or if they have ever hurt something or someone or if maybe they have a mental or physical problem that could harm the animal. The third thing we could do about it is try to find or see people abusing animals and give them consequences that they wont forget and that will remind them never to do it again. The forth thing is aware the people of what they are doing wrong and why its wrong.

What can we do as a community to stop it?

As a community and city we could work together and try to fix this problem. Just the little things we do make a big difference in the community you just might not notice it. One thing we could do is just simply hang posters in the public eye. The second thing we can do is have a banquet about it and inform the people of why we should stop. The third thing we could do is have organizations to help raise money, like put up little money banks outside stores for people to put money into for the animals that were abused. The fourth thing we could do is have a donation box for people to come in and give money for us to go buy things for the animals that people cant give. The last thing is we could put animals in shelters if we know their not in good hands.
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