Barry 5th Grade Team Orange

September 25, 2020

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, September 30th: PLC-Early Release (Dismissal @ 12:50)
  • Friday, Octorber 2nd: Homecoming (Dismissal @ 11:50)

Platte County Homecoming

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There's No Place Like Homecoming

Spirit Days:

  • Monday: Poppies Will Put Them to Sleep - Wear your pajamas
  • Tuesday: Time Twister Tuesday - "Witch" decade will you choose?
  • Wednesday: Back in Kansas - Hike up your britches & grab your flannels. It's country day!
  • Thursday: Lions & Tigers & Bears, OH MY! Wear animal print or something with an animal.
  • Friday: There's No Place Like Homecoming - Wear black and orange


  • Check your child's planner and trapper every night for important information including behavior updates, papers that need to be signed, and homework assignments.

  • Please go through your child's trapper WITH them as there are important papers that need to return to school. Make sure you don't throw anything away without checking with your student first.

  • HOMEWORK: Students should read 30 minutes every weeknight and complete their reading log.

What's Happening in 5th Grade?


In Math, students have been working on understanding place value. They have learned about exponents, different ways to write numbers, and place value relationships. We will continue this unit next week.

STAR Math:

Students will be bringing home a parent letter in regards to the Star Math test they took on Wednesday. This provides one snapshot of your student´s current math level. Please remember that this is just a general idea of where they are at, and does not reflect a score of what they are doing in the classroom. These DO NOT need to be returned.



Students have been working hard engaging in the engineering design process. They will have an assessment over this topic next Friday (October 2nd). Please look for a study guide to come home on Monday. I would suggest taking 15 minutes each evening to review the questions on the study guide with your student so they are fully prepared for their assessment Friday. Our next unit will be Matter!



Our first topic of study will be making inferences using fiction texts. We will focus on supporting our thinking using background knowledge and text evidence. We will practice creating SMART answers using a formula called RACE (restate, answer, cite, explain). This skill will be used throughout the entire year.


In the last few weeks, we have been reviewing parts of speech and doing some creative free writing. Next week, we will start working on writing complete sentences and creating a strong paragraph. Our first writing pieces will be personal and third-person narratives!


Students have a nightly requirement of reading for 30 minutes and completing their reading log. Reading consistently is important to your child's success in school. Please help them to be responsible and take the time needed to complete this homework expectation.

AR Goals

This week we used STAR Reading scores to set AR goals. Your student's goal can be found in the front of their planner.

AR goals are set based on STAR scores and student reading levels. Points can be earned by reading "Just Right" books and taking AR comprehension quizzes. Visit AR Book Find to check the reading level of a book, see how many AR points it is worth, and find recommendations at your child's reading level.

Scholastic Book Club Orders

Scholastic Orders will be placed Monday, Septemeber 28th. If you would like to order any books, please place your order before then. The link and class code are included below!


In Social Studies we have been studying map skills and geography. This included parts of a map, hemispheres, scale, longitude and latitude, scale, and absolute and relevant location. We are currently exploring the continents and oceans.

Ask your child if they can list and locate all 7 continents and all 5 oceans!
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Archery Information


Ms. Sarah Shoup

5th-Grade ELA - Team Orange

(816) 436 - 9623 ext. 3153

Mrs. Kyli Petty

5th-Grade Math and Science - Team Orange

(816) 436 - 9623 ext. 3152