Integrating Technology

In the Classroom


Why should I integrate technology into my classroom? Well there are TONS of reasons! Technology makes learning fun for student. Technology also gives the teacher a way of being in more places than once. This can be done by videoing yourself to give directions at different stations. Technology gives students the chance to move and learn at their own pace. There are many different tools that are available to use in your classroom!


NearPod is an app and it is also available online for teachers. This tool allows teachers to create slides with different things on them such as: photos, videos, text, multiple choice questions, open ended questions, and much more! Each NearPod can be made for a live session, meaning that teacher controls the speed of the lesson. The teacher can share out different answers from students, and controls which slide the student sees. No students can work ahead. The other option is to set this as a homework assignment. This only means that students can go at their own pace. Students will go through the NearPod and listen/read the material. If you choose to ask questions, they will answer those as well. This is a great way for assessment without the teacher having to give a pencil paper test.

Once you have completed making the NearPod, you will log into your account and go live with a session. This will lead you to a pin number. Students will have either 1) go to the app or 2) go to The students will enter the pin and from there you are in control of the lesson!

Publish and you are finished!

This link gives some great examples and directions of how to create and use NearPod!