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Thursday, April 3rd

Coming Home Today

Visiting Author Book Order Form

Market Day Flyer

Poetry Playoff Tournament Returns!

Reading Olympics at Warwick!

On Thursday, April 10th, from 6:00-9:00 PM, Warwick Elementary will be hosting the Reading Olympic site. Registration will begin at 5:30 PM. We are thrilled to be able to host this amazing event and show off our Power Paw Pride to schools all across Bucks County.

There will be police in two locations to help with traffic:

  • One officer will be positioned between the two parking lots of Warwick Elementary and St. Cyril’s church on Meeting House Rd. As you know, St. Cyril’s has a parking lot which can also be accessed directly off of Almshouse Road. St. Cyril's has agreed to allow us to use their lot.
  • The second officer will be positioned at the traffic light at Almshouse Road and Meeting House Road.

We will only be allowing bus traffic to enter the front loop of the school and park in the front and on the cafeteria side of the school. Busses will park/stack on the back side of the school, stretch around to the front, and enter through the bus loading platform by the cafeteria, or the front door.

We are expecting close to 700 students and parents. It is sure to be very congested in our area the evening of April 10th. Please plan to allow for extra time should you be traveling around the above intersections. If you live close to Warwick, and the weather permits, I would encourage you to walk (or ride) to school if you plan on joining us. Parking will be tight for sure, even with St. Cyril's parking lot to support the event.

Good luck to our Warwick Reading Olympic teams!

Reading Olympics Info/Parking

It's Tonight!

We cordially invite you to attend the First Annual Central Bucks School District Technology and Engineering “Young Engineers’ Night!” This event will take place on April 3rd, 2014 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at CB East High School. The purpose of the evening is to showcase the programs offered at the middle and high schools in The Central Bucks School District.

This night is geared toward our middle and elementary school students, so this will be a “hands-on” experience. Students will be exposed to technology such as CO2 cars, laser cutting, propeller powered vehicles, Styro Gliders, and they will have an opportunity to explore a state-of-the-art TV studio. Interested students can make a Young Engineer's badge in the Manufacturing Races exhibit, and if he or she is able to collect all 6 stickers they will be awarded a certificate classifying them as a “Certified Young Engineer. “

This is the inaugural year for this event, and we are looking forward to making it a success. We hope to see you there!

CBSD Technology and Engineering Education Department

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness month. Home to the district's first regional Autistic Support program, Warwick is dedicated to continuing to raise awareness and acceptance of all children. To celebrate Autism Awareness month, Warwick Elementary is excited to offer a limited edition Warwick Wear Tee-shirt. Order forms will be available in the office until April 21st.

We'd also like to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Tolis for creating the life-sized Autism Awareness ribbon that is now being produly displayed in our atrium. We look forward to hanging miniature versions on classroom doors in the coming years.

Art Show T-Shirts

The Central Bucks Art Department is selling t-shirts again this year to benefit the CB Art Scholarship Fund. Check out the Einstein image created by one of our Art teachers, Mrs. Alderfer! Can you find all of the Elements and Principals of Design in his crazy hair? Orders are due no later than April 11th.

Bucks County Immunization Coalition Art Contest

Open to all 3rd and 4th grade students across Bucks County

Participants should use the slogan:

"Planting the Seeds for Community Immunity"

Artwork can be submitted to the Warwick office. All entries must be submitted by April 24th.

Kindergarten Registration

In order to ensure Warwick is granted the appropriate number of Kindergarten sections next year, it is important that we have everyone that can/will attend Kindergarten to register as soon as possible. If you have Kindergarten-aged children (or can encourage neighbors that you know do), please contact Central Registration and begin the registration process. Central Registration can be reached at 267-893-2111.

CBSD Community School Summer Program

Boomerang Awards

Monthly Assets for School Year 2013-2014:


April: #25 - Reading for Pleasure - Young person reads for pleasure most days of the week, either alone, with family members, or with friends.

May: #32 - Planning and Decision Making -Young person knows how to plan ahead and make choices. They are pro-active about getting started and they follow through to the end. If working in a group, he/she helps the group achieve its goals.

Boomerang Nominations

The nomination form can be found through the below link.

Forms are also available in the Warwick office.

Congratulations to the following students for being nominated:

January Nominees-Michael M, Isabella S,, Erin S., Emily M, Vaness R, Heather S, Maggie M, Katherine M, Alex K, Carley K, Annie H, Alexandra B

February Nominees - Ryan B, Dan C, Justin P, Hailey S, Kasey W, Ava B, Tyler W, Lexi B, Lauren C, Caroline G, Sean L, Dhruv M, Luke W, Kayla M, Isabella S, Arina S, Liam D, Stephanie E, Aiden S, Olivia O, Lucas S, Nicholas G, Samantha S, Jeremy G, Bryan N, Erin M, Kempton W

March Nominees - Veronica F, Ryan M, Rada S, Eva B, Felix N, Mary D, Erin M, Ethan W,

Thank you!

We recieved a wonderful thank you from the Bucks County Housing Group

As a school community, we collected over 821 POUNDS of food to help feed our hungry neighbors. Thank you, again, for your overwhelming generosity and support!

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Portfolio Conference Information

Portfolio conferences will officially be held on Thursday, April 17th. As always, conferences can be held one week before (starting 4/10) or one week later (ending 4/24). Please work with your teacher to schedule this valuable reflective and goal-setting time.

Grades 2-6 will be sending home portfolios:

  • We plan to send home portfolios for preview on Monday, April 7th to be returned to school on Wednesday, April 9th.
  • No other homework will be assigned on these nights so families can spend two nights reviewing and reflecting on the contents of the portfolio.

Grade K will hold an in-school preview (TBD - teachers will notify classes of specifics)

Grade 1 will hold an in-school preview (TBD - teachers will notify classes of specifics)

Elementary Report Card Revision Information

Be sure to check out the POW TOON videos available through the below link to learn more about the proposed elementary report card revisions. More POW TOONS will be available soon.

The East Cluster is offering a Parent Information Night on Monday, April 7th at Cold Spring Elementary School at 7:00 PM.

April Bear Facts are available on the Warwick Website

Upcoming Events are always scrolling on the Warwick Website


The Warwick community will promote a culture of academic and personal excellence through respect, responsibility, and cooperation.