Midsummers night dream

by Jay c, nick c, mark m, and haliegh s

act 1 scene 1 lines 180-217 summary

Our scene is about two young friends, Hermia and Helena. Now Demetrius loves Hermia and hates Helena. Hermia decides to run away with Lysander (Her true love) and take her cursed beauty with her. Helena Loves Demetrius, but is filled with sadness when she cannot compare her Hermia, and wishes Demetrius would love her only. Oberon (King of the fairies) notices a magical flower that will make anyone fall in love with the first person it sees. He wants to use it as a prank on Titania.

Oberon analysis

Oberon is the king of fairies. He stirs up more trouble and wants to get an herb that makes people fall in love. He is having trouble with Titania, and wants this flower to prank her.


Helena is one of the most important characters, being the one who loves Demetrius, creating a love triangle. There would be no extra content of the story without the love for Demetrius from Helena. She is also very self conscious of when she compares herself to Hermia.


Hermia is the daughter of a wealthy noble man. She is significant because everyone loves her. Her conflict is that she is in love with Lysander and she wants to run away with him but her father wants her to love Demetrius.


Puck: Puck is a fairy who is Oberon's servant who is ordered to go off and find a flower to have the two unknown fighting male and female to fall in love.

Lysander: Lysander is in love with Hermia, and is planning on running off with her because the Duke and Hermia's father wont accept their love.


MND I.i.203 "Lysander and myself will fly this place." Lysander will run away with me so we can elope. This is the beginning of the adventurous start. This is where the audience see's the michevious side of the young couple, and that they truly love each other.