Owning a Business/Company

By Abel Almaraz

Where I plan to go to School

I plan on attending Texas State to receive a bachelor's degree in business/management.

How long will it take to get my degree?

I plan on getting my bachelor's degree in Business/Management so it will take 4 years to get my degree.
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Is a higher degree required?

No higher degree is required in order for me to own my own business.

Where do I want to live and work when I graduate

I either plan on living here in Brenham or in a big city, for example New York or Los Angeles. And if I am lucky enough I don't plan on working for anyone instead I would like to work for myself.
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My Career

I will own my own business/company, but I'm not sure what I plan on owning yet.

What made me choose this career?

I decided to choose this career because you can make a lot of money from it and that's exactly what I would like to do make my own money. And I like the fact that I will not have a boss to tell me what to do I will be my own boss.
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