Vlad Dobrescu

Poster for the English class

Some words about myself

I am a young student (19 years old) from Piatra Neamt, and right now I live in Targu Mures. I am studying Medicine in this beautiful city at the Univesity of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures, and I love everything here, from the city to the people, and even the classes (even if I don't always go to them).

Why I chose UMF Targu Mures?

I had this question many times, especially from my family and close friends, and I always tell them that I have chosen UMF TGM because Mures is a small city, but very well known for the medical services. So, this city made a name out of itself just because of the quality of the hospitals in here. What better place to learn Medicine?

Some of the most interesting classes here

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