2015 In Year Review

Sports and Entertainment Marketing- Jonathan Norton

Three Companies That Marketed Themselves The Best

1) GoPro marketed themselves very well in 2015. In 2015 GoPro extended their camera line up and came out with their Hero series. They are always trying to find a way to create better cameras with better quality for certain situations and actions such as skydiving, cliff jumping, and even things such as surfing and parasailing.

2)Southwest Airlines also marketed themselves very well in 2015. Southwest has always been a very popular and widely used airline used by all sorts of people. Southwest is always trying to find a way to give their customers good low deals and offers on flights for their customers.

3)Nordstrom had a lot of success marketing wise in 2015. I honestly didn't know what type of company Nordstrom was until I looked them up on the internet. I haven't even seen tv commercials or internet adds on the company before. Nordstrom is a store that offers all types of fashion styles and items from clothing, jewelry, purses, handbags, sunglasses, to even luggage travel items.

Best Items of 2015


Best Items of 2015

  • GoPro Hero4 Black
  • Jewelry and women's clothing

Worst Items of 2015

  • Shoes
  • Ridiculously Expensive clothing items

Top Movies and how they were marked

1) Furious 7 was a really successful movie in 2015. It was just a good movie with lots of action, fast cars, money, and beautiful women, but because of what the movie meant to people. The movie was a reminder of Paul Walker and for us to remember him and what he as accomplished.

2) Jurassic World blew up the ticket box. People have been waiting a long time for another good dinosaur sci-fi film; one with action, horror, and a little comedic comments here and there. It was a movie everyone wanted to see, and everyone enjoyed it. The producers did a good job with this one.

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Top Music Artists of 2015

1)Kendrick Lamar was a very successful artist in 2015. His lyrics and sick beats really caught peoples attention. He has always been a great song writer and rap artist. Everyone knows Kendrick and he has quickly rose to fame in a short amount of time. Nobody can deny tho Kendrick has got some serious talent

2)Meek Mill was also very successful in 2015. He has had tons of top selling albums. People of all ages and races quickly went to listening to his songs. People know him so well because he has also been featured in songs with other artists

Top 5 songs of 2015

1) Drake Hotline Bling

2) Future-March Madness

3) Ricky Wayne-Nasty Freestyle

4) The Weekend-The Hills

5) 679-Fetty Wap

Top 100 Music Chart/ Billboards Hot 100 Chart

These songs being played come from a wide range of genre and artists on the radio, television, and adds on the computer/internet. These songs are from all throughout 2015; we got hot rap songs, to touching and emotional love songs, to even energetic, uplifting, motivational songs. The hottest songs on this list are ranked from how many downloads on apps, how many are bought; through hard copy albums to buying them on the internet, how many times they are played on the radio, to even which ones receive the most votes from the public in voting polls.

New Years Resolution

Personal Improvement- get rid of procrastinating no matter how little I do it

Family and Friends- Do more to help out around the house and do more nice gestures for everybody and show a little more kindness and love

School- Make my family proud and do the best in school and continue to get outstanding grades