"The Great Escape"

A Hunters Paradise

Hunters Resort Island Vacation

Summary of Activities

Welcome to Hunters Resort, there are plenty of things to do here, including rocky beaches, (for you fishermen) dense jungle, and open grasslands. Our hunting is top notch, due to our jungle areas you can hunt Jaguars to pumas and all sorts of animals, and when you are tired all you need to do is stay in our spa/cabin for the ultimate relaxation. We,, "also" have an interesting activity,,,, that's right! Another hunt. Our "hunt" is a game called "The Great Escape". The game is a simple game of paintball but just with guns, escape our "dart" guns for three days and you may "leave' the island as you please. So hunters please come to our all expense paid vacation.

This Island Was Founded By Richard Connell Jr.

Richard Edward Connell Jr. is a 56 year old man, he has written many novels including The "Mad Lover", and "Murder At Sea". He is a son of a great man Richard Connell Sr. which was a editior and reporter for a local newspaper, and became a deligate for the "Democratic National Convention"......................... Mr.Connell is anxious to see you.


The landscapes of Hunters island includes dense jungles, vast grass lands open beaches and rocky terrain. The hunting terrain is ideal for the hunters that come world wide. Fishing conditions are improved due to our enclosed breeding tank, one cast one bite guarantee, we can promise you a bite with out having any doubts.

People You May Meet

Sanger Rainsford says "I cant wait to meet these egar, intelegent hunters as we embark on a exciting jorney into the forest." He is your tour guide on this vacation. He is a world renounced hunter and tracker, he is cunning, intelligent, and very trustworthy, and would recommend becoming acquaintances.

General Zaroff is a "tricky" man, but in a way a great hunting partner, and would "recommend using your best wits when we have" "The Great Escape" challenge because he is the best tracker around. He has hunted in places from Tibet all the way to Africa hunting Snow Tigers to Elephants.

Ivan is not much to pay attention to, he is our def security guard . His only job is to make sure that you and your fellow hunters are safe on the island.

Map Of The Central Island


The Great Escape island is not responsible for Death, Injuries, illnesses, or loss of personal items such as e.g. money, jackets, and limbs. We will require a signed waver implying that we are not liable for any of the above.