Left & Right Brain

By Jonah Garcia

What's your dominate side?

Every one of us has heard someone say, ‘That’s so left brain,” or “Try to use your right brain.” It’s easy to think of right brain versus left brain as a highly simplified version of zodiac signs. But, the truth is, whether you’re right-brained or left-brained has a lot to do with how you experience and understand the world.

Examples of left and right brainers

Left-brain thinkers love to work things out by talking, enjoying jobs like career counseling, where they are very effective.

Right-brain thinkers think that actions speak louder than words, enjoying being very effective at showing their worth without words, like the career path of being a yoga instructor.
People who are right-brain thinkers aren’t fans of tremendous structure and prefer having some creativity at work, which makes marketing a perfect career for them.
People who are left-brain thinkers are in need of structure and prefer having specific guidelines at work, which makes computer programming a perfect career path for them.