Types of rocks

By: Amelia Rumsey

Metamorphic rock

Metamorphic rock is made by heat and pressure.

Other kinds of metamorphic rocks are marble and quartzite.

Do you know how some metamorphic rocks look different, it's because heat pressure can change the way the rock looks.

Sedimentary Rock

Did you know that when sediment over time becomes cemented together it forms a sedimentary rock.

Some sedimentary rocks are sandstone, shale, and limestone.

Sediment is laid down then the weight presses on the other layers before it is formed to sedimentary rock.

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Igneous Rock

Igneous can be found on Earths surface because it would happen when a volcano erupts.

Types of igneous rocks are pegmatite and granite.

Igneous rocks are formed by melted rocks and magma hardens.

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