Gifted and Talented

Summer Learning Summit Opportunities for GT Update Hours

Encouraging Creativity in the Classroom

This session will examine common misconceptions of creativity, classroom management techniques, and ideas for getting your student's involved in the creative process.

Differentiating with Menus

Using menus in the classroom is a great way to empower students to have a vested interest in their learning! We will explore a variety of menu formats, focusing on product differentiation.

Creativity and Instructional Strategies

This course will delve into the importance of creativity in today’s classrooms, focusing on instructional strategies that build on the core areas of creative thinking and Creative Problem Solving.

Texas Performance Standards Projects

The TPSP's, are lessons developed by TEA for use with our Gifted and Talented learners. This session will examine how you can use these lessons with all of your students, while still meeting the needs of your G/T or high ability learners.

Meeting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted Learner

Gifted students are unique in their learning and their behaviors. This session will examine the Social and Emotional needs of these students with a special focus on the Twice-Exceptional learner.