Naquan Booker


  • Rainfall usually occurs in late spring and early summer
  • Yearly average is 20-35 inches
  • Most as snow in the winter


  • Hot summers and cold winters
  • Sometimes temperature can exceed 100 degrees


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Neckera douglasii

"Douglas' neckera moss"

Found most commonly in American Prairies

Ginkgo biloba

"Maidenhair Tree"

Found on Southern and Central Chinese steppes

Cupressus sempervirens

"Mediterranean Cypress"

Found in the Southern steppes near the Mediterranean sea.


Sylvilagus floridanus

"Eastern Cottontail"

Found most commonly in grasslands of the eastern hemisphere.

Cicindela decemnotata

"Tiger Beetle"

Found most common in Canadian grasslands.

Bipalium kewense

"Hammerhead Slug"

Found around the world common in tropical grasslands.

Trichia striolata

"Furrowed Helicellid"

Found most commonly in the European steppes

Toxocara canis

"Toxocara roundworms"

Found widespread around the world. Common in dog feces

Thamnophis butleri

"Butler's Garter Snake"

Found in North American prairies