Fun With Firsties

September 19, 2016

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts-As we begin the week, we will finish up Unit 1 in Adventures of the Superkids. With the completion of this unit comes our first spelling test. We will take the test on Tuesday, September 20th. The test will contain 6 memory words and 4 spelling pattern words. Take an extra minute on Monday night to review these words and patterns with your child so they are ready and excited for their first spelling test on Tuesday! We will also begin Unit 2 during the latter part of the week. We will practice decoding and spelling words with the th pattern.

Math-We will finish up working up on Topic 1 the week. We will solve problems by putting together and taking apart. We will also take our first math assessment later in the week.

Social Studies-We will continue our long-term study of community. This week we will focus on those people who are helpers in our community.

Faith In First

In first grade religion this week we used our Pflaum Gospel weekly booklets called PROMISE. We visited Chapel and began to discuss the three A's of the Mass: Altar, Ambo and Assembly. The children learned how going to Mass brings us together as a community of believers. They learned how the Bread and Wine are the central part of the celebration, and how Jesus gave His life for us.

Try asking your 1st grader about those important words and how they pertain to the Mass. See if they can share with you one thing they learned in Religion class this week.

All the first graders are hard at work learning the proper way to make the Sign of the Cross. Please review this with your child. Left and right is very important!

Library Reader Sign Up

Please visit the Sign Up Genius link below if you would like the opportunity to read to your child's class in the library this school year!

Any questions about this process can de directed to Cathy Lin,

Notes To The Fabulous Folks

  • "Walking The Block" has started! If your first grader has a sibling in grade 3 or above, they are permitted to walk around the block with their sibling during afternoon carpool. If you would like your child to participation this pick-up procedure, please email their teacher your permission.

Upcoming Dates

September 28-Picture Day

September 29-Mass of the Holy Spirit, 8:30 a.m.,Concert Dress

September 30-First Grade Parent Coffee, 8:15 in the HPAC


Monday-Memory Word practice-Trace It and Use It

Tuesday-Math-Homework 1-9.

Wednesday-Journal Entry-In Unit 1, we read two stories, A Patch In A Pinch and The Patch It Up Shop. Which story did you like the best and why? Write one sentence to tell which story was your favorite and why you liked it. Don't forget to illustrate your writing!

Thursday-Catch up night! Please complete any unfinished work from the week. If there isn't anything in your folder, please take some time to review the Unit 1 spelling words. With the extra time you will have, find something FUN to do-play outside, read a favorite book, play a favorite game, the possibilities are endless!

Unit 1 Spelling Words

Students will be introduced to the following memory words(sight words) and spelling words this week in our Superkids lessons. At the end of Unit 1, they should know how to read and spell all 5 memory words. They should also be able to spell words based on the spelling patterns.

Memory Words







Spelling Patterns