By: Ty Nicholson


10.67 Million people (2013)

Capital: Sucre

The size of Bolivia is a very close comparison to the size of Texas.

Home Life

Bananas are a very popular and are grown at many peoples houses. This is also why there most popular Dessert dish is Banana pudding. Saltenas are a deliciously in the country because they are filled with delicious meats.

Soccer and Bullfights are popular Entertainmet.

Crafts and Religion

Crafts: Some of the most beautiful textiles are made in Bolivia and are perfectly woven. This is a tradition that has been going on for many years.

Religion: The Roman Catholic Church is the most common religion in Bolivia. They can also be called Catholic Christians.


Silver and Natural gas are the countries biggest trade and basically where they make all there money. But overall Bolivia is a pretty poor country and lots of the people are in poverty.


Bolivia is relatively large and has many different climates. In the North it is humid and very tropical since it is near the equator. In the South it is basically the opposite of the North. It is cold and has high altitudes since the Andes mountains go threw the Southern area of Bolivia. Even though the Andes mountains are very high, cold, and dangerous, the Bolivian people had adapted to it and many live up in the Andes.
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Vegitation and Currency

Vegetation: It is tropical and like Florida's. Normally green and many species of tropical plants and animals.

Currency: The name of the Bolivian currency is Boliviano.

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Famous People


Surprisingly most of the jobs in Bolivia are the same as in the U.S. There is more farmland and less cities than the U.S. but they still consist of the same jobs. Many f the poor people who live in Bolivia will make crafts to sell and make money to survive.

Odd Interesting Fun Facts About Bolivia!

The highest navigable lake in the world is found in Bolivia at 3810 meters above sea level (that's 12,382.5 feet above sea level.) It takes six hours to cross Lake Titicaca on a fast hydrofoil. It's also one of the deepest lakes in the world.
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Travel Much?

If I could travel anywhere I would travel to lake Titicaca. It is such an amazing lake and at the same time you will be getting the beautiful view of the Andes mountains. I would highly recommend visiting hear when you travel to Bolivia.

La Paz

La Paz, the city, that touches the sky, is an apt description. Located high above sea level, La Paz sits in a bowl surrounded by the high altiplano. La Paz as it grows climbs the hills resulting in varying elevations from 3000 to 4100 m. Overlooking the city is towering triple-peaked Illimani, always snow covered and majestic.

La Paz is the legislative capital of Bolivia, the largest city.

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