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Haltom High School Library, December 2014

Digital Citizenship

In an effort to meet new legal mandates, Birdville ISD has developed Digital Citizenship curriculum and programs highlighting four main themes: Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Intellectual Property, and Digital Footprints. Visit the district's Digital Learning page for secondary students to find more information and lesson plan ideas. Video clips and discussion points offered there would make great mini lessons for BUFF Time. Ideally, all stakeholders need to remember these basic points:

  • Be nice – Don’t be mean to people on the internet just because you’re not face to face.
  • Be honest – Exaggerating is annoying in real life and on the internet.
  • Be yourself – No one wants to find out that the ’15 year old’ is really a creepy old dude.
  • Be fair – Give credit where credit is due. You wouldn’t want someone else using your stuff.
  • Be aware – What you do and say on the web leaves a footprint – make sure it is a footprint you’re ok with others seeing!

Sample Video Clip to Share with BUFF Time

5 Ways to Make a Positive Digital Footprint!

A Fun Presentation Medium


Keeping your students engaged is sometimes challenging. PowToon generates excitement and motivation in any classroom. Create animated cartoon style videos using this easy presentation medium. The video clip above was created using PowToon. The video clip below promotes PowToon.
PowToon Edu
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Student email accounts and more...

For those of your students without email accounts or access to a few vital software products like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, BISD's Digital Learning page offers access. Have students visit Login format is similar to their computer logins. Usernames are Passwords are b+birthdate in mmddyyyy format.

Example UN; PW b01021999