Druid Hills High School

Red Devil Reflections 9/2/15

About Rigor...Introducing the Rigor Meter

In prior Smores, we discussed the CIA2 (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Accountability Task Force), appointed by Dr. Green to review how the district approaches teaching and learning.

We also discussed the first expectation - ensuring teachers are regularly using the Curriculum Resources group for instructional planning and implementation. They haven't come by for a Druid Hills High School visit yet to conduct focus walks addressing the following questions:

  • Is use of the Course Curriculum consistently (TKES level 3) or continually (level 4)
  1. evident in my lesson plans?
  2. evident in my teaching?
  3. evident in student interactions and work

Dr. Green has also indicated that he is very interested in advancing the district-wide conversation regarding rigor in the classroom. On both occasions I have heard him speak, he has discussed the thoughtful utilization of a Rigor Meter. He hasn't provided the full details yet, but here is an example of a Rigor Meter taken from Clayton County.

Barbara Blackburn is one of the leading authorities on rigor. Here is an article on the myth of rigor, which is a good, brief article to generate thinking.

Terrific Ten Activity - Due Friday!

The State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) is an important tool in being able to understand the prior school history of the students in your class. Data in the SLDS + current observations + analysis of student work should combine to help you understand the strengths and growth areas of your students, which should then inform how you teach.

I have included a general overview of SLDS, plus how to access it in Infinite Campus. Finally, you will be completing the Terrific Ten Activity (note: while you are expected to make data-driven decisions for ALL of your students, I am asking you to focus on 10 per class for this activity).

Note: The state/district expectation is that you are regularly using the information in SLDS to inform teaching and learning. The percentage of Teachers utilizing the SLDS is a CCRPI Exceeding the Bar Indicator.

From Dr. Jackson

We are approaching the 4.5 week grade period. The posting window opens Wednesday, September 8th and all grades must be posted by Friday, September 11th by 12:00noon.

Congratulations Ms. Steffen

Ms. Steffen has been named to the state-wide working committee to draft new standards for the American Government/Civics course.

10/9 Staff Development Day -- Introducing EdCamp

We've begun making plans for our 10/9 Staff Development Day. Our morning will be spent collaborating with our DH Cluster peers (6 feeder schools plus DSA, DESA, and Robert Shaw) in professional learning, known as EdCamp. What is EdCamp? Watch the video for a sneak peak - we'll talk further during next week's Faculty Meeting.

Our department chairs will be leading the afternoon training (1:30-3:50)

Mentoring Program

Ms. White (Jenkins) is planning a wonderful year of mentoring activities. She has graciously agreed to continue the program Ms. Massey and her committee worked so hard to establish at the end of last year. Please contact Ms. White if you are interested in being a mentor to one or some of our at risk students.

If you are already a mentor, see Ms. White for an update handout if you did not visit her last week.

Ms. White is continuing to look for a motivational speaker for the mid-October and mid-March mentoring programs.