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Happy New Year

Books Due Week of 1/9/17

St. Clare - last week, 1/5

McAtee - Tue., 1/9 & 1/12

Salazar - Tue., 1/2

Classes Scheduled This Week:

None...but we'd love to see you!

Check the DATA Library Calendar on our library web site and use the Request Library Time form to reserve your spot.

The Library 411


Over the next few weeks we'll be trying to round up overdue books and fines. This is especially important for 8th graders. If you receive obligations slips in your 1st or 2nd period, please encourage students to handle them ASAP

Battle of the Books Fundraiser T-shirts

Help us fund Battle of the Books 2017 AND get an amazing new t-shirt to wear on Fridays!! Our student-created Battle logo for 2017 (below) will be available on a white t-shirt for the low price of just $10.00. If you'd like one, email me with your size and drop the money off in the Library no later than 1/20/17.
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Thank You & Free Friday

Thank you all for helping us out during class time by following the NB repair and book checkout procedures. Having students come in the first 20 minutes makes us so much more productive!!

And don't forget Free Fridays for book checkout. You can send your students any time during any period to check out books. Just send them with a blue pass and limit them to no more than 5 at a time.

Lighthouse Love

Getting back on track with the Lighthouse. If you'd like to be entered in the monthly Django's drawing, email me with the phrase "Oh, Lighthouse! How I've missed you," in the subject line.

Netbook News

Help! Charging Problems

We have had many, many students coming in with computer problems caused by allowing batteries to get too low and by shutting them down improperly. This is especially true with 6th and 7th grade computers. The low battery issues not only necessitate us collecting the students' NBs and having Max fix the problem, but can also cause the time/date battery to fail meaning we have to reissue a new computer. Please encourage students to charge up and shut down properly. This recurring issue is causing students to miss out on class time and depriving them of their computers.